Pilates FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Pilates at Vanilla Studio

What is Pilates? What does it help with?
Pilates is a safe, low impact exercise regime which when taught effectively can improve core stability; muscle strength and tone; posture; flexibility and coordination.

Do you offer a Beginners group class?
Beginners can start in any existing Group session because they will have already gone through the Pilates principles in their Assessment. With only 4 clients in a class the group is small enough for Anna to monitor everyone and offer beginners modified versions of the exercises.

Why do I have to have an Assessment?
So that Anna can offer you the most appropriate exercises for your needs.

How many people will there be in a Group session?
There are 4 clients in a Group session

When are your group sessions?
On Monday and Wednesday afternoons and Monday and Tuesday evenings. For specific times please ring Anna on 01525 382657.

When will there next be a space on a Group session?
This depends on how many people are already on the Waiting List for that particular session. Spaces come up only when a client decides that they no longer want to keep their place on that session.

How long is the Waiting List for Group sessions?
The Waiting List is longer for some Group sessions than for others. Please ring Anna on 01525 382657 if you need more information.

Whilst I am waiting for a space on a Group session I would like to start Pilates now. What other Pilates instruction do you offer?
Anna offers Semi-private (for 2 or 3 clients ) and Private sessions (for 1 client).

If you would like to arrange your own Semi-private sessions with 1 or 2 of your friends Anna can offer Pilates instruction at a time to suit you.

Alternatively, if you would like to have your own Home exercise programme, with reviews to suit your convenience, please contact Anna to arrange Private sessions.

What equipment do you have in the Studio?
The Studio has a combined Reformer/Trapeze Table, a studio Reformer and a Stability Chair for use in Private and Semi-private sessions. This specialist Pilates apparatus increases the repertoire of exercises and allows Anna to offer even more effective Pilates training.

In Group sessions small props, such as over-balls, resistance bands, fitness circles, arc barrels and foam rollers are used.

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If you are interested in Private, Semi-private or Group Sessions and would like to look around the Studio please ring Anna on 01525 382657 or 07876 316250.

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£40/50 minutes for Private sessions

£60/6 week course for Group Sessions

£40/50 minutes for an Assessment

Fees for Semi-private sessions are available on request.

We accept cash or cheques but do not have credit or switch card facilities.

Payment for Group sessions is required per course and in advance.

Private and Semi-private clients are requested to pay for their Pilates instruction after each session.

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